Just like your photos, your privacy is important. I will ask you for certain information if you contact me. This is only so I can communicate with you. 

If you use my contact form to contact me, or contact me via social media, I will contact you.   

The contact form will ask you for your name, email address and telephone number. All come in handy for me to communicate with you. I will not sell your details to anyone.


Information I collect

I may collect the following information from you:

Your name, your telephone number, your email address, your home address (so I know where to send the contract if you book me), the address of the house you are getting ready at on the morning of your wedding (so I know where to go) and the names of some family members for the group photos. 

I also like to get to know my couples so I may ask you questions like "what sort of music are you into" 


What I Do With The Information

If you book me and I get the information mentioned above it will sit quietly in my inbox and my computers hard drive.  If you don't book me I will delete any emails you have sent me.  


Processing Data

I only process data in relation to enquiries and bookings. If you book me to take photos for you, I process some data to help me do this. 


Data I Hold

Want to know what information I have on you? No problem, just drop me an email and I will reply with said information. 



Cookies are on my website. I use google analytics to help me see what traffic comes to visit me. It doesn't collect any personal data. It just tells me stuff like which page you spend most time on. 

You can read more about what they do here;



Contacting You

I will only contact you in relation to an enquiry or a question you have asked me. If you book me I may very well contact you to send over a list of family members you want to be photographed with or some other detail to do with your wedding. 


Links To Other Websites

If you click on a link that takes you to another website that infects your computer, I can not be held responsible. I do occasionally check the links still work but I don't check for malware and other viruses. 


Photo Removal

See yourself being featured on my website but don't want to be featured. No problem. You have a right not to be. Just drop me an email and ask me to remove the photo and I will. Same goes for any wedding guests. See yourself on my website but you don't want to be on my website. Again no problem. You have a right not to be as well. Just drop me an email and I will remove the photo. 

This also applies for social media. If I put an image on Facebook, Instagram etc but you want it removed then drop me an email. 



When you book me to take photos at your wedding or event I turn up with a couple of cameras and take pictures of you and your guests. I work on the assumption that everyone is ok with this. If someone is not ok with this then all they have to do is let me know on the day and I will do my best to make sure they are not in any photos. They can even contact me after the event and ask me to delete any photos they are in and make sure they never see the light of day again.

Even if they were blind drunk and they were ok with me taking their picture at the time but once they sobered up they changed their mind. 

Because of this there maybe people missing from the final selection of photos you receive. 


Erasure Of Information

Don't want me to have any information or data on you anymore? Just let me know and I will hit the delete button.